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1. Attendance

a. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. 
b. In event of an illness or family emergency missing 1 class session will be allowed with the expectation that course material will be made up.
c. Arriving to class on time is a must. 
d. Arriving to class late more than two times will result in one absence. 
e. Two or more absences will result in having to re-take the class.
f. Please arrive at least 5 to10 minutes early

2. Academic Performance/Progress Standards

a. The Therapist Core Program is designed to be compatible with other commitments (work, family).  Students are responsible for dedicating enough time after class for study and practice. 
b. Students must score at least 75% on each course exam in order receive a passing grade
c. Students will be given one opportunity to retake a failed exam.
d. Students that have failed more than two classes will be put on academic probation
e. Continued course failures while on probation will result in dismissal from program

3. Admission requirements

a. Must be 18 years of age
b. Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
c. Must be of high moral character
d. Must have a clean criminal record
e. Must receive one professional massage before applying
f. Must be physically and mentally capable of performing massage
g. May be of any race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation
h. Submit completed application and non-refundable fee of $100

i. Including high school diploma or equivalent
ii. Provide 2 letters of recommendation from Teacher or Employer
iii. Transcripts from post secondary education

    i. Attend an admissions interview

4. Tuition Fees/ Refunds

a. Tuition for 2018/19 is $8900.00
b. Supplies for 2018/19 is $650.00

i. All required books
ii. Lotion (2 gallons)
iii. Lotion bottles (2) and holster

c. Massage Table (students purchase on their own) approx $300-$800
d. Supplies fee is due on 1st day of class
e. Students that drop out of program will not be refunded for courses started or finished, application fees, or supply fees

5. Payment Plan Options

We offer a variety of payment options to meet the different needs of our students. Students are welcome to pay the entire balance of the tuition at any time before or during the program. During your admissions interview we can discuss what would work best for you. Some of the possibilities include:

a. Pay entire tuition up front
b. Make monthly payments for varying time periods
c. Make down payment with subsequent monthly payments
d. Customize a plan that works best with your budget

Please note that with all payment plans full tuition must be received before Acadia School of Massage will release transcripts and diploma.

6. Attire

a. There is no student dress code for attending class.
b. Students are expected to come to clinic wearing school clinic shirt, closed toed shoes, white or khaki/beige pants or mid thigh shorts. 
c. Do not attend clinic wearing dirty trail shoes, unwashed clothing, perfume or cologne, dangling jewelry, excessive make-up, sleeve-less shirts
d. Students that do not meet the clinic dress code will be sent home to change.

7. Appropriate Behavior

a. ASOM maintains a no tolerance policy for verbal, physical or sexual abuse of students or staff.
b. ASOM expects students to respect the race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference and political perspectives of all students and staff. 
c. Sexual innuendo, flirtation or inappropriate touching is prohibited between staff and students and strongly discouraged among students
d. When working on students for the purpose of demonstration or in-class practice it is essential to work only on willing participants and within the professional boundary of appropriate draping.  Massage to the genitals and/or breast is forbidden and grounds for dismissal.
e. The use, exchange or sale of illegal substances at school will result in immediate termination of all involved parties.

8. Personal Property

a. ASOM maintains that it will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items while on school property.  Please use caution and common sense when bringing belongings to school.  

9. Graduation Requirements

a. Students need to complete all required class-work, pass all required courses, and fulfill the requirements for all hands-on work.
b. All tuition costs and supply fees need to be paid in full.

10. School Calendar

a. School begins the last week of October and ends the last week of April of the following year.
b. The program is divided into 6 – one month (4 week) blocks
c. Day time class times will be from 9AM to 1PM Monday through Friday
d. Student clinic time will be available Monday, Tuesday and possibly Sunday depending on enrollment
e. There will be time off for:

i. Thanksgiving day and the following Friday
ii. Christmas Eve through New Years Day
iii. ASOM will not observe any other holidays that occur during the six month program

11. Clinic requirements

a. Students must perform 80 hours of supervised massage sessions with:

    i. Student clinic clients
    ii. Friend or family member at student clinic
    iii.  Another student at student clinic
    iv. An additional 24 hours of supervised hand on work will be obtained through community outreach events

12. Student Support

a. Students having difficulty with course material are encouraged to ask for clarification from instructor.   Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with school director to discuss general challenges with overall program, coursework, and managing workload.

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