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Our Program: Massage Therapist Core Training

The field of Massage Therapy is vast.  There are many techniques and styles of body work that a student may learn.  Knowledge of the human body; its muscles, bones, and potential problems can be studied for years.  Massage Therapist Core Training is designed to teach students what they need to know to produce outstanding results in the field of body work in a relatively short period of time.  There are 3 key focal points in the training: the science of functional anatomy and pathology, the art of delivering the finest work to clients; and professional and ethical excellence.  From this foundation students will be well prepared to pursue careers in a variety of settings from spas, to medical clinics, private practice, cruise ships and perhaps even teaching bodywork. 

As the founders of Acadia School of Massage, we have designed massage therapist core training to reflect our passion for excellence in body work.  Through our experience in developing and running the highly successful Tree of Life Day Spa we have come to understand the needs of the massage and spa industry first hand.  We have spent considerable time training employees to perform what should be fundamental skills of the massage therapist.  The Massage Therapist Core Training program is a systematic approach to training massage professionals.  It differs from other massage therapy training programs in that it gives the student a competitive advantage by being able to perform fantastic body work upon graduation.  The program achieves this result by leaving out “the fluff” (course work that acts as filler) and emphasizing the quality of touch so lacking for many massage therapists.  All of our instructors are trained to provide the quality of education that we insist upon.

The Massage Therapist Core Training is offered as a six month program comprising 600 hours.

Program classes are held Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM allowing the student to maintain a job or other prior obligations. The program runs from Late October to late April.

Each program includes hands-on time in our student clinic. Student clinic begins in late November. Clinic hours are one afternoon per week; either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday from 1 PM to 6 PM.

Curriculum overview

  • 112 hrs.            Anatomy and physiology          
  • 104 hrs.            Clinic/ hands-on hours
  • 80 hrs.              Deep Tissue Massage/Myotherapy
  • 16 hrs.              Swedish Massage
  • 16 hrs.              Hot Stone Massage
  • 16 hrs.              First Aid/CPR
  • 32 hrs               Pathology
  • 16 hrs.              Prenatal Massage
  • 16 hrs.              Ethical & Professional Conduct for the LMT
  • 16 hrs.              Geriatric Massage
  • 16 hrs.              Self Care for the Massage Professional
  • 32 hrs.              Sports Massage
  • 16 hrs.              Kinesiology
  • 16 hrs.              Chair Massage
  • 16 hrs.              Business Practices
  • 16 hrs.              Neuro Muscular Technique (NMT)
  • 16 hrs.              Spa Intro and Massage Alternatives
  • 16 hrs.              Client Interview & Assessment
  • 16 hrs.              The Art of Touch
  • 16 hrs.              Hydrotherapy

Participating in Massage Therapist Core Training requires a commitment to studying and practicing the theory and technique of the profession both in and out of class. 

Instructors demonstrate techniques on willing participants for the class to observe.  Students have ample time during class to practice massage techniques on each other.  At no time is any student required to receive bodywork from another student or instructor if they are not comfortable with it.  Having received at least one professional massage prior to entering the program will give new students an idea of what to expect during class.

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