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At Acadia School of Massage you learn hands on in classes and at the only supervised Student Massage Clinic in Maine. Our students gain hands-on experience while our clients receive relaxation or therapeutic massage and bodywork treatments at discounted rates.

Become a Confident Licensed Massage Therapist

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, employment of Massage Therapists is projected to grow 26% from 2016-2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Every day, jobs are being created in nursing homes, hotels, hospitals and office buildings. You can join that rush by studying for a career in Massage Therapy this fall.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, you may work from home, in a serene spa, or even a fast-paced clinical setting. No matter your work setting, you will know you are helping your clients manage pain and stress. Having a career with purpose can make all the difference. You go to work each day knowing that your clients will be happy to see you. And you won’t be stuck in a routine like a lot of other jobs, because each day – and each treatment – will be a little different

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The Acadia School of Massage Difference

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Have you always wanted to be a Massage Therapist? Maybe you are exploring the idea for the first time. Either way, Acadia School of Massage is your best choice to pursue your goal. That's because at Acadia School of Massage, your education exceeds other, typical massage training.

Our accredited massage therapy school is not a cookie-cutter diploma mill. Here, you won't just listen to canned lectures or be a face in the crowd. At Acadia School of Massage, you learn in a small class setting from experienced, knowledgeable practitioners. You also get regular one-on-one training with your instructors. And you will have extensive supervised hands-on experience with clients.

We have designed the program to prepare you not only to meet state licensing requirements upon graduation, but also to exceed expectations. That is why our graduates are in demand by spas and resorts statewide.

Follow your dream next fall! Find out more about how you can join the Acadia School of Massage Class of 2023.

Is a career in massage therapy right for you?

Do you want a job where you help people relax? A job where you help them heal? A job when you make a REAL difference in someone's life?

Then Massage Therapy might be right for you.

According to the US Department of Labor, the demand for licensed massage therapists, nationwide, will grow more than 25% between now and 2026! That means LOTS of job are available in a wide variety of settings.

As a Massage Therapist, you can work from home, or in a spa, or in a clinical setting. But, no matter where you work, you will go into work each day knowing that your clients will be happy to see you.

At Acadia School of Massage, we train you in the art and science of Massage Therapy so you can start your new career right away.


An Exceptional Massage School in Downeast Maine

Did you think, "Wow, I didn't know there was a school of massage near me!"

Our founders saw the need for a quality massage therapy school in Bar Harbor while running the Tree of Life Day Spa in town. So they built a holistic program focused on hands-on massage classes to prepare you to start your career right away.

Do you need a massage?

Acadia School of Massage Student Clinic

This winter, come get a massage at a massage school near you.

Our supervised student clinic runs from November to April at the Tree of Life Day Spa in Bar Harbor, Maine. During that time, you can get a great massage from one of our students at a fraction of the normal cost of a professional massage.

You can call (207) 288-8222 or book online.

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