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The field of Massage Therapy is vast.


There are many techniques and styles of body work that a student may learn. Knowledge of the human body - its muscles, bones and potential problems - can be studied for years.

We have designed our Massage Therapist Core Training to reflect our passion for excellence in body work. Through our experience in developing and running the highly successful Tree of Life Day Spa, we have come to understand the needs of the massage and spa industry first hand.


The Massage Therapist Core Training program is a systematic approach to training massage professionals. It differs from other massage therapy training programs in that it gives the student a competitive advantage by being able to perform fantastic body work upon graduation by focusing on three key points: the science of functional anatomy and pathology; the art of delivering the finest work to clients; and professional and ethical excellence.


From this foundation, our students are well prepared to pursue careers in a variety of settings, from spas to medical clinics to private practice to cruise ships and perhaps even to teaching bodywork.

Meet Our Team

Kiana Baranowski, LMT

Founder & Instructor

Philip Payne, LMT

Director & Instructor

Acadia School of Massage

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108 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609



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