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The Basics of Reflexology

With Philip Payne, LMT

Hosted by Ellsworth Adult Education

Rooted in ancient Eastern traditions along with more modern practices, Reflexology Massage or Zone Therapy utilizes pressure on specific points in the feet, hands and face that correspond to other parts of the recipient’s body. It is widely used today in alternative medicine and in standard massage. Learn the controversial history and basics principles of this modality and practice a routine for the feet and hands during this two-day class.  This is an in-person class.


Philip Payne is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. Philip has worked in a variety of settings from spas and resorts to private practice. For the past three years he has been the Director of the Acadia School of Massage and the General Manager at Tree of Life Day Spa in Bar Harbor.

Class meets two Saturdays, 04/02/22 & 04/9/22.

No for credit continuing education classes currently scheduled.

Please check back in soon.

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