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Our private financing can help you graduate without burdensome debt.


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The Massage Therapy Core Training at Acadia School of Massage is a 600 hour program.


The total cost of the program is $10,600.00 which consists of:

  • Materials Fee (textbooks and supplies): $700.00

  • Tuition: $9,900.00

  • TOTAL: $10,600.00

Tuition is based on a per hour charge.

This calculates to $16.50 per hour of instruction.

Installment plans are available for students who need the flexibility and are unable to pay their full tuition during the time of enrollment.  You may choose a 6, 12 or even 24 month payment plan.

*****YOUR payments could be $80 a week, OR LESS! *****


A down payment must be made to secure your seat and have an agreed upon installment payment plan in place before the first day of class. Late fee (per incident) if installment payments are not received as scheduled:  $25 flat fee

There are no prepayment penalties regardless of the installment plan selected.

Prospective students who desire to utilize installment plans to pay for tuition should discuss this with the School Director prior to enrollment.

Monthly Installment Plan

To enroll in a monthly installment plan you start by making a minimum down payment of $1,200 before the start of class.

It can be made in multiple payments

Down Payment Breakout:

$700 - Book and Supply Fee (includes your $100 application fee)

$500 - Initial Tuition Payment

If you put down the minimum down payment of $1,200 you will have a balance of $9,400 based on regular tuition levels:

  • payments of $1,566.67 each or as negotiated.

  • No Fees

  • take $500 off on last payment!

  • payments of $783.33 each or as negotiated

  • No Fees

  • payments of $411.25 each or as negotiated*

  • Includes $19.58 monthly fee (5% fee totaling $470 over life of the loan)

  • no penalty for prepayment

*This Plan is only

$102.81 per week!

A larger down payment will lower the monthly payment accordingly

We DO allow students access to their transcripts to be licensed in the state of Maine as long as they are in good standing with payments at the time of graduation - whether you are paid in full or not. There are never prepayment penalties, so you may chunk it down and pay it off at your convenience.

*Tuition down payments are due by the first day of class. All monthly payments will be due the day designated on the payment agreement and considered late on the tenth business day thereafter. Late payments are subject to the appropriate fee as listed.


ASOM does not participate in a student aid program run by the US Dept of Education, therefore, the tuition paid to ASOM does not qualify for issuance of a 1098T, however, you may contact your tax accountant as it may be used as an itemized deduction.*


Acadia School of Massage will consider other custom payment plans

presented by an applicant.

We're here to help you SUCCEED!

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